Now You Can Launch Your Cloud Brand At The Lowest Cost.

And If You Have A Kitchen, Join Us And Raise Your Sales Without Any Costs

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Shared kitchens in every city
More income.
Aboard new brands to your kitchen using existing resources to increase your profits.

At Cloud Chef, we help you launch your restaurant at the lowest costs and serve you from the beginning of the establishment to the sale.

We also serve the owners of restaurants in raising the operating rate, increasing confirmed orders, and supporting them with operational financing.

Existing kitchens will operate multiple brands that rely solely on delivery, thus boosting their monthly sales and profits. Virtual brands will cover more regions at a lower cost.

our mission.

At Cloud Chef we aim to increase restaurant income by injecting new virtual brands into existing operating kitchens in order to maximize their usage at the lowest possible cost. We deliver clear guides, recipes and supply chain providers in a seamless process that can be done overnight.

our values.

Cloud Chef believes that the employee comes first and that company culture plays a vital role in employee performance. Our employees are the driving force behind our company culture: an entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking and an attitude of growth. In everything we do, we strive to provide expertise, creativity and innovation. When you’re in the right culture, success will happen on its own.

Why Cloud Chef

At Cloud Chef we understand that average utilization rates for existing kitchens are 40%, which means they can do more than double the business on hand with the right supply paths, helping their restaurants grow and serve virtual brands that have high demand and are looking for operating partners.

Zero upfront cost

Increase your kitchen usage

Serving new customers in your area with a new brand

Boost your restaurant's monthly profit

About Cloud Chef

Cloud Chef is a business-to-business (B2B) platform that provides virtual kitchen services to the food and beverage industry, increasing usage rates for existing kitchens across the MENA region. Cloud Chef works with Kitchens as Fulfillment Partners and aims to inject virtual brands to these Fulfillment Partners based on a revenue sharing model that increases sales and utility rates. We also connect an established physical restaurant looking to expand geographically with established kitchens in multiple locations without having to worry about location, up-front cost or operating cost. Cloud Chef aims to become the first virtual kitchen provider as well as become the largest franchisee in the MENA region.